Monday, August 30, 2010

Pictures from the Western Coast

The full moon lit up the sky at 3 in the morning.

During the Spring 2010, our Natural Extremes Mushing Adventure Trips took to the trails around Nome, Alaska. The SP Kennel dogs, Mushers and Natural Extremes Guests journeyed by dog team to Pilgrim Hot Springs (65 miles North of Nome.) The sights, sounds and excitement during those few weeks were awesome.

Here are a few still photos to show just a glimpse of the adventures we had. Over the next month, we will publish some videos from the journey.

The dogs slept on the edge of some willow bushes at night. During the day we mushed 20 to 40 miles.

The challenge was mushing in and out of Nome "city limits". The City Ordinances (from the year 1902) state that all dog teams must wear "bells" when they come through town. We aren't sure if this team was legal.... Ranger and Skittles in lead, Pud and Hank in swing, Tony and Meg take up the rear position and Tom on the sled.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Chemo and I.V.

SP Kennel has had a litter of pups!
The two puppies were born April 20th.
Pepper is the mamma and Waylon is the sire. For all of you kennel geneology geeks - this breeding is genetically the same as last year's litter (Schmoe, Scooter, Sissy and Scooter). Waylon is the younger brother to Ranger.

They add constant entertainment for all of us this summer!

The pups were named by our Two Rivers neighbor and dog lover, Ava. She is a strong, brave, gorgeous child who was diagnosed with Lymphoma in June. She has started her year long chemotherapy this summer in Seattle, Portland and Anchorage.

Ava is truly an inspiration to us here at SP Kennel and she was kind enough to name our pups.

Thanks Ava!!!

Chemo play with "Great Uncle" Pingo

"Auntie" Blue Dawg and the pups play tag!