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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


You might have heard us say it before, but one of our favorite aspects of mushing is the dogs' unique personalities. We like to highlight the individual dogs with our Spotlight series, personalized dog cards, and the Congratulation posts. However, one dog is often times overlooked: Stella.

Stella is the official SP Kennel greeter. Instead of a mint on your pillow, you'll find Stella. When I first arrived at SP Kennel in October, Allen and Aliy suggested I take Stella back to my cabin for the evening. I knew that she would be leaving for a pet home in a couple weeks, so I thought that perhaps my job was to help acclimate her to the house. In reality, it was probably the opposite. Stella knew just how the house worked. I later learned that she had been Macgellan's bed buddy before mine and that I wasn't really special; Stella loves everyone. When I took her running and skiing, she would stay right by my side, and due to her friendly nature and good manners, she was a regular on puppy walks. Now two months later, Stella is still here. Her pet home fell through, so it looks like she'll be sharing the cabin with me for awhile longer.

So even though Stella might not have her own Spotlight clip or dog card, she still deserves to be highlighted as the SP Kennel official greeter.

A little video of Stella during the summer.


weedabble said...

What a lovely tribute to what looks like, a lovely dog. Watching Aliy with Stella in the video, it is easy to see the bond between them.
Can you tell those of us fairly new to the DOGLog, if Stella is mum to any of the SP dogs, and who they might be. Did Stella have a racing career as well? and is now retired?
We just want to know more.....as always.

Thanks for sharing.

Jim S. said...

What a sweetheart!!!

Aliy said...

Stella's Mom, Runt, was only at SP Kennel for a short time. She was given to Aliy because she was the sister to one of the original SP Kennel dogs (Fats) from the early 1990's. Runt was a sweet dog from a village and Aliy found her a pet home in Fairbanks.
About 6 months later, Aliy got a phone call from the new owner, "Would you like one of Runt's puppies?" She felt obligated, so she took Stella. She looked a little thin coated and a little long legged, but she acted somewhat like a sled dog. She trained for a few years, but she was far from an "All-Star". She never raced and she was spayed.
A year later, Aliy ran into Runt's owner and the woman asked if Stella looked at all like a Great Dane......... So, Stella's daddy may, or may not be the milk man, so to speak.

weedabble said...

thanks Aliy, It is great that you always take to time to answer all our little questions...that's why we love you!

weedabble said...

Thanks for taking the time for the update Aliy. Stella appears to earn her keep as greeter, and nanny so I guess things tend to work out!

Mel Bowman said...

My 2 year old just watched and rewatched this video over 10 times. He says Stella is a pretty girl and a good girl and likes to answer "AWOOOO" when she talks.