SP Kennel is a premier sled dog racing kennel in Two Rivers, Alaska, dedicated to the individual dog through excellent health, nutrition, training and specialized care.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Spotlight on... Olivia

This series of posts spotlights particular dogs at SP Kennel.
We'd like you to get to know these dogs and love them for the individuals that they are.


CupcakeNinja said...

She looks like such a sweetheart. So by directionally challenged, does that mean she gets her gee and haw confused? :)

Anonymous said...

What beautiful blue eyes you have Olivia!!
It is nice to meet you.


weedabble said...

I love watching these videos of the individual dogs ....great to meet them, and get to know their personalities...and also especially nice to see how Aliy's love for them just shines through!