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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sheep Mountain Musical

The video camera was rolling for some of the race miles during the Sheep Mountain 150.

The following footage was simply overwhelming when we reviewed it in "real time" speed. The awesome mountains, colored horizons and glorious scenery seemed to whiz by inconsequentially. So, after watching it over and over again, we finally decided to slow it down. This 3/4 speed seems to capture the moment a little bit better.

We are not saying, mind you, that we want a slower dog team.

"Celtic Dream" is by zero-project (jamendo edition).


Israel said...

Hi good morning. Greetings from Spain.
I would ask permission to post to my blog entries that you hang on to spread his dog sport.
With your permission, and published its latest entry into Compass Dog.
Greetings and Happy Holidays
Israel Gonzalez

Aliy said...

Yes, Israel you may put the video on your blog.

Israel said...


Joy Rothke said...

Beautiful! Thank you.

Israel said...

Hi thank you very much. I would ask permission to publish the news that you put into your space. I am very interested in getting to our readers your way of life with your dogs.
I am also very interested in publishing all about the Iditarod, Yukon and careers that their team participates.
This address space is read worldwide by different athletes from different sports at International and individuals are becoming interested in the sport with the dog. Many thousands of people follow us in our short journey of just 2 months.
I would like to have your permission to approach your work.
Israel Gonzalez www.compassdog.com

Anonymous said...

Breathtaking, and beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Aliy said...

You may share any of our SP Kennel stories with your readers. The world is free to enjoy and love our sled dogs as we do and then stare at them in admiration.

Linda T said...

In California, with sun shining a full day and warm temperatures ... when I saw this video a lump came to my throat. I had to show my dad, "See, Dad, see that blue right at the horizon against the snow? I don't see that color anywhere else."

If this is 3/4 time, I would LOVE see how fast they really were moving!

Israel said...

Then you visit the World Dog Compass know what you feel for their dogs. If you enter into Compass Dog will see that the team News and brokers have several Musher Dog Compass collaborating in Europe.
With you now and I can also tell stories of Alaska.
Thanks and happy training. A hug from Spain.

Anonymous said...

Breath takingly beautiful!
Thank you for sharing.

Merry Christmas to all the SP Kennel members (Humans and dogs).

Mirco said...

Absolutely stunning! Thank you so so so much!