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Friday, December 17, 2010

Sheep Mountain 150 Black Team Roster

Allen will be starting in Position Number 11.


Frank said...

Nice to see Happy out there on the Black Team. Good luck to everyone!

Macgellan said...

Happy texted me a few minutes ago to tell me how HAPPY she is to be on the team... In between lapses of concentration, she also told me that she hopes to run next to Nacho, Tony and/or Biscuit because, as she put it, "What was the question? Oh, that's right... Well, because they are such handsome lads!"... After declaring her disappointment that she would not be running with her true heart throb (Tatfish) she added, "If you can't run with the one you love, run the ones you're with!"

Anonymous said...

Where is Tatfish?

Dustyllr said...

Yes, I remember Happy getting cozy with Tatfish after she finished the 2009 Iditarod! Don't worry Happy-I have lapses of concentration too!! My students get really excited to see Happy on the roster- we can't wait to watch her race!

Anonymous said...

I am very glad that Quito, Chica, and Nacho made the Black Team. That's quite a family in that team.
I am also pleased that Olivia made the team because she's become one of my favourites with her good looks and sweet nature.
I wasn't expecting Happy to make the Black team. I am very Happy for her, (hello Mr Macgellan!)
Good luck to all three teams for the race.
Love from Indigo