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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Race Season - Two Weeks Out

The Sheep Mountain 150 is shaping up to be a competitive opener for the SP Kennel racing season! The start is scheduled for noon, Saturday December 18th at Sheep Mountain Lodge (mile post 115 Glenn Highway.)

Allen's SM150 Second Place finish 2008 (Photo by Joseph Robertia)

The SM150 is an early season race with a total mileage of 150 miles. The race format has three 50 mile legs separated by two 5 hour rests stops. The the first leg and the last leg are identical routes that go from Sheep Mountain Lodge to Eureka Lodge (or the reverse.) The middle leg is 50 miles high up in the mountains passes.

The 5 hour rest stops are at Eureka Lodge (mile post 128 Glenn Highway.) The dogs will eat and sleep in straw beds and the mushers will be able to eat and sleep at the Lodge.

Zack Steer, Sheep Mountain Lodge owner, is the Race Marshall. The race course is being marked and readied December 4th.

The current SM 150 Sign Up List is below:

Updated 11/30/10

1 Sebastian Schnuelle Whitehorse, Yukon

2 Bruce Linton Kasilof, AK

3 Judy Currier Fairbanks, AK

4 Tom Lesatz Two Rivers, AK

5 Jessie Royer Fairbanks, AK

6 Misha Pederson Fairbanks, AK

7 Jeessica Hendricks Two Rivers, AK

8 Tamara Rose Fairbanks, AK

9 Andres Moser Zurich, Switzerland

10 Sarah Love Fairbanks, AK

11 Allen Moore Two Rivers, AK

12 Gerry Willomitzer Whitehorse, AK

13 Robert Bundtzen Anchorage, AK

14 Schnuelle team #3 Whitehorse, YT

15 Clint Warnke Fairbanks, AK

16 Aliy Zirkle Two Rivers, AK

17 Willomitzer Team #2 Whitehorse, Yukon

18 Jake Berkowitz Big Lake, AK

19 Maren Bradley Whitehorse, Yukon

20 John Solem Kasilof, AK

21 Nicholas Petit Chugiak, AK

22 Bridgett Watkins Nome, AK

23 Lance Mackey Fairbanks, AK

24 Cain Carter Fairbanks, AK

25 Newton Marshall Fairbanks, AK

26 Braxton Peterson Fairbanks, AK

27 Jim Foster Chugiak, AK

28 Terry Williams Fairbanks, AK

29 Megan Perry Fairbanks, AK

30 Scott Janssen Anchorage, AK

31 Jim Lanier Chugiak, AK

32 Dallas Seavey Willow, AK

33 Anna Berington Kasilof, AK

34 Tom Schonberger Chugiak, AK

35 DeeDee Jonrowe Willow, AK

36 Mark Childers Knik, AK

37 Seavey Team #2 Willow, AK

38 Brennan Norden Kasilof, AK

39 Sven Haltmann Fairbanks, AK

40 Jamie Kinzer Willow, AK

41 Haltmann Team #2 Fairbanks, AK

42 Justin High Willow, AK


Anonymous said...

3 Teams in the running!
Got to love it!!!!!
Go SP Kennel!!!!!!!!!!!


Jeff Buddington said...

Go SP!!!!!!!
Looks like Bridgett is starting in front of Lance's entire kennel (four entries)!