Monday, December 20, 2010

Great Finish and a Safe Drive Home

All three SP Kennel Teams finished the Sheep Mountain 150 Sled Dog Race.

Black Team - 5th Place
Red Team - 13th Place
Red and Black Team - 18th Place and Sportsmanship Award

We are VERY happy with the 36 amazing dogs.

Ryne wins a Gold Star as Handler of the Race!


Michael said...

yea Ryne!
Mom & Dad

Anonymous said...

Good start to the first race of the season! :)

Dallas Girl said...

Hope you all had fun at your first race of the season!

See you in March!

Downeastern Husky said...

Good job in the race! I can't wait to see you in Anchorage!

Anonymous said...

Great Race
We'll see you in Alaska in March!
See what were doing!

Anonymous said...

Great Race everyone. Curious about Tatfish and Petunia?

BJ said...

I must say, Ryne is the BEST handeler ever! She's amazing, kept us all on tract, stayed awake for hours, always had a smile on her face and she posted on the blog! Your the bomb baby:) Much love form the 'red and black team'

Anonymous said...

SP Kennel NZ is also very happy with all of the dogs and people! Well done to everyone.
Hello to Ms Watkins. You were great to stop and help that poor lost dog.
If you get time, could you say who your best dog/s were in each team? We know that you will be busy getting ready for Xmas now.
From Chloe and Indigo