Congratulations Pud!

Congratulations to Pud!

At the 2010 Iditarod start, Pud had the lucky opportunity to meet his sponsors, Neil and Charlotte Frick in Anchorage. Being Pud’s first Iditarod appearance, he was a bit shy during all the excitement of race day, but a little affection and words of encouragement from Neil and Charlotte were all it took. Pud did fantastic as a rookie.

This season, Pud has had bad luck. He was in training until Mid November when he just didn't seem "right". After several vet visits and blood draws, he was diagnosed with a thyroid gland deficiency. This is not common in huskys, but our last "thyroid" dog was Rosco who retired 5 years ago. So, we were surprised to see it in Pud. It is a simple fix - twice daily supplement. Once the vets feel that his thyroid levels stay normal for a month then he is free to be a sled dog again. A month is just around the corner, so, LOOK OUT.... Pud's on the mend!

Thank you Charlotte and Neil for sponsoring Pud!

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Pud and Aliy