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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Chilly Chores at 45 Degrees Below Zero

The month of December has been "arctic" here in Interior Alaska. Temperatures have fluctuated between 20 and 45 below zero much of the time. We like to call it: chilly.

Yes .... we still go outside.
Yes .... we generally stay warm.
Yes .... we get acclimated to the cold.

But .... it's still cold!

In this video, if you didn't appreciate Ryne, the SP Kennel dog handler before, you will now!


Wyn said...

Aliy, You jumped on our train after a cruise and I took your postcard with your blog address and I have been in love with your beautiful state ever since. Thank you so much that I can look at these beautiful Christmas scenes here in 75 degree weather in TX! And I don't mean 75 degree below!! Thanks and your dogs are beautiful too.

Jeff Buddington said...

I see Raffie has chosen the rural condo setting... :p

Hoss and Tom said...

First good snowfall of the season in Revere, PA. Expecting about 12 inches..My human, Tom, and I went for a walk along the canal, but it was only 20 degrees F. This sure beats the heat!! Miss you all up there! Hoss.

NCL said...

Great video! Thanks for letting us see the dogs and Ryne.