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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Working on the Website

We have revamped the Dog Page:

We want all of all of our sled dogs to be recognized for who they are - individuals. Each dog has his or her own updated Dog Card with personal stats and a bio. You might notice that there are several younger dogs now listed and some of the older veterans have new pictures and new sponsors.

We strive to make this Dog Log the most educational and entertaining internet source on sled dog sports. Therefore, the "housekeeping" for the website is constant. Thanks Mac!


Lisa B said...

In addition to the terrific introductions that the bios provide for the younger dogs, I'm absolutely loving the updated info for some of the veteran dogs. Finding out new aspects of the personalities of such familiar faces as Huey, Quito and Roy has been a real treat.

As always, the SPK Dog Log rocks!

A big thank you to everyone who is working on your website - as a far away fan I really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

The Dog Log looks fantastic! Love seeing all of them and , of course,
especially Bullet! Glad to see Eagle as the official dog food sponsor of Iditarod, too! You're doing a great job of educating with your blog!
Julie and Dogs