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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Treadmill Practice

The SP dogs are at it again. In preparation for the upcoming studies with Dr. Michael Davis, eighteen canine athletes practiced on the treadmill this past Saturday. Of those eighteen, sixteen were unfazed by the spinning ground beneath their feet and did what they do best: pulled. Two dogs, Oddball and Tatfish, needed a little bit of coaxing and a fellow dog running next to them before they felt comfortable. After all the dogs had a chance to run on the treadmill, Nacho graduated to running on the treadmill while wearing a mask. Check it out:


Dustyllr said...

Wow!! That is so impressive! Go Nacho! Dr. Davis's research is mind boggling. I could have listened to him talk about it all day at the Iditarod sign-up picnic in June!!!

Anonymous said...

You mentioned that this is a 2 year research project. Is this year one or two of the project?
I seem to remember that SPK dogs did some treadmill work last year.


Libby the Lab said...

Nacho looks like an alien :) Might have to start calling Dr. Mike, Dr Spock ;)

Deb said...

Was that Lil Debbie as the first dog you showed on the treadmill? Deb Davis

Aliy said...

That sure is your little gal - Lil Debbie! She was an ALL-STAR on the treadmill!
Funny thing about the treadmill work is that we are using traditional harnesses. Her harness went down to the base of her tail, so she couldn't run with it UP. I wonder if that felt a little strange to her?
Doesn't she look good right now?
I'll be doing a few website posts over the next few weeks spotlighting our sponsored dogs ... her day is coming!