Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sled Dog Symposium

Alaska Dog Mushers Association holds its annual sled dog symposium this weekend in Fairbanks, Alaska. The presentations draw folks from across the mushing world. The talks this year were varied and covered topics such as; health care, nutrition and training. Other topics included hunting by dog team in Northern Alaska and Marathon Humans versus Marathon Dogs: How do we differ? The Yukon Quest holds it's annual "Birthday Bash" as well. There was quite a bit of information to be had and many of the top names in the sport were on hand to ask questions.

Aliy was a moderator for a panel of nutrition/dog food experts. The speakers were (from left to right) Rob Downey (Annemaet Dog Food), Alreigh Reynolds (Purina Staff Veterinarian) and Lloyd Gilbertson (Caribou Creek Dog Food). Each of these gentleman have spent years studying various canine diets as well as racing as competitive dog mushers.

It was good to see many of the top distance mushers and sprint racers in the world chatting socially over a cup of coffee!

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