Friday, October 15, 2010

Japanese TV

During the final days of September we had a flurry of activity at SP Kennel: visitors, meetings, a trip to Anchorage, a trip to Nome - it seemed constant.

On September 29th a Japanese TV filming crew, Nippon Cinema, came to Two Rivers to shoot a video segment about training sled dogs during the fall months. The crew of eleven producers, camera men, "handlers" and assistants were traveling the state while filming short "Alaskan" video clips. As well as dog mushing, they filmed fly-fishing in Katmai, gold panning in Fox and a trip to Barrow.

Kento Hayashi and Aliy pose for the cameras.

The film star for this show is a very popular young Japanese movie actor, Kento Hayashi. He and Aliy spend over an hour mushing an 8 dog team on the ATV four wheeler. There was a bit of a language barier, but they both smiled and it all seemed to work out! Needless to say, dog mushing in Alaska was very foreign to him.

"Quito" was his favorite dog and got quite a lot of "camera time". What we wonder is in the world of translation .... what will "Quito" be in Japanese? Quito is short for poquito, which means small in Spanish. She was the smallest pup in the litter. But, poquito is gramtically incorrect because, in Spanish, the word should be in the feminine form, since it is girl's name. It should be poquita. But, there just isn't the same ring to it .... when we say....
"There's no quit in Quito!"

If this seems complicated in English... imagining explaining that to a Japanese translator!

Kento Hayashi Movie Posters

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