Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!

Schmoe at one year of age

Schmoe at one week of age

The pups turn one today. Has it been that long already? It wasn't that long ago when we played "hide and seek" on the oriental rug. Was it?!?

The life of a sled dog pup is pretty fun. It's mostly play, chew, eat, poop and sleep. We like to bond with them as individuals and we like for them to bond together as dogs. For this reason, most of our puppy walks include at least one human and one adult dog (more visitors are always welcome.) They were taught what a harness was over the winter and even ran in a small team. But, never too often or too far.

Now that they are officially "yearlings", they are part of the dog yard. Each dog has his or her own house. They are still next to each other, except Scooter, whose best friend is Kipper. (You can choose your friends, not your family?) They are still quite leggy and uncoordinated. But, over the next few months, they will become serious athletes.

Their training regime has been slow and steady so far. Schmoe, Spoog and Sissy were literally, perfect, their first run of the season. Scooter was confused at first and needed a little "Special Ed". After taking some time to ease her anxiety, and partnering her with a comforting adult partner, she began to pick it up. "Forward???? Oh, forward!!" By run three, she was barking in harness and lunging forward. Anxious to go!

By mid September they were working in harness as part of a team. We will take it slow with them - for they are still youngsters. But, they are our future and it will be fun to see their talents as the season progresses.

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