Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall Training

October at SP Kennel is our " in between" month. All of the puddles and lakes are frozen and there is a scant layer of snow on the ground. But, there is not enough snow to hook a team of huskies to a sled. Therefore, we find ourselves mushing by ATV four wheeler.

The dog team still has to use the same skills and manners to pull an ATV four wheeler as a sled. The primary difference is the action of the musher. The musher must keep the dogs from pulling the machine too fast. Believe it or not a team of 12 or 14 dogs will drag the 500 pound machine at break neck speeds of 17 or 18 mph - if allowed. So, the musher will keep the machine in a lower gear and use the engine to slow the team. When they encounter hills or steep climbs the musher might have to help the dogs by accelerating so their speed doesn't drop too slow. Overall, the ATV 4 wheeler is supposed to simulate the speeds and action of a musher on a dog sled. It takes some practice!


Mushing Kodi said...

great video! the dogs look so happy :)

BJ said...

They look really good!

Natascia said...

Looks so fun! So jealous of the snow; it'll be awhile till there's any down south!

LindaVistaLLC said...

All right! Good to see them in harness. The names superimposed on the team as you introduced them is a nice touch, although many faces (and one in particular) I would recognize with such clear shots!