Monday, October 25, 2010

A Fall Mushing Jig

Sometimes when a sled dog team moves down the trail there is nothing a person can say - it's almost musical.

This video clip was shot on a sunny fall afternoon with the tall golden grass blowing in the wind. The team comes in and out of view almost in tune to "run away while you can...."

"Sally Anne" is from the Lies of Love album by The Acousticals.


NCL said...

Love it!

KB said...

Hi Aliy,
I'm so glad it's the season of sled dogs! I've really been enjoying your posts. Thanks so much for sharing your world with us.

Anonymous said...

That was great! Think I saw Moonpie in swing? Julie

Herdering said...

Oh how great! Loved it! Thanks!

Lynn said...

Yipee! A video clip with music! Love it ~ For a moment I thought it was a posting from Mac! Are you expecting him back this season? We've been enjoying all your postings during the off season.

Aliy said...

Mac is here in spirit with that video!

He has taught us loads of website magic. An actual "team" of website folks will be working their hardest to entertain SPK fans this winter. Obviously, we have a Bluegrass aficionado on board.

Macgellan will be traveling in the northern latitudes. However, he will be far from Alaskan shores. I'm sure that Mac has SPK on his radar.

Perhaps he will be our SP Kennel "distant corespondent" or maybe he'll make a surprise appearance?!?