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Monday, September 27, 2010

Nome in Summertime

Nome has been SP Kennel's home away from home this past year. Not only, did the dogs and mushers spend a good deal of time trying to reach the small Western Alaskan village, but also then spent the month of April enjoying the surrounding countryside.

Bridgett and Scotty are always welcoming - whether it is to tired mushers or hungry sled dogs. This past weekend they welcomed just the mushers for a short Fall visit. This was the last chance to take a long weekend with out constant dog training and racing, so Allen and Aliy flew out to Nome.

A visit to Nome always brings back memories... perhaps it will for some of you as well.

Bullet, Dingle, Aliy, Cha Cha, Allen, Bridgett and Hoss at the 2009 Finish line


sarsmile said...

Hi Aliy,

Looking forward to watching the video, but right now it says that it is set to private and I have to be your 'friend' to watch it. Maybe you hit the wrong button somewhere?

MBB said...

Can't watch the video,
says I need to answer your friend request.
I thought I already was...
Hey Aliy & Allen, big Hi!-

Mike Frerichs said...

Great photo of the three of you at the finish!