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Friday, September 10, 2010

2010 Mushing Adventure Trips : The Dogs

SP Kennel coordinates "Natural Extremes" Mushing Trips every year after Iditarod. These are fun dog team adventures for the mushers, dogs and the guests. This past March and April, we spent almost a month exploring the western coast of Alaska with three groups of guests.

This video footage hopefully provides a glimpse of our adventures.

The Dogs Excerpt

The reason that Dog Mushing is special is because of the bond that exists between man and dog. This bond is unique and special in the dog mushing world. As Mushers, we are completely dependent on our dogs, but in the same sense, our dogs are completely dependent on us. There is a mutual agreement of utter trust and dedication.

Each SP Kennel dog has his or her own personality, physical and mental abilities and desires. Knowing each dog, from when they are young puppies, to when they become key members of a team, is important to us. They are treated with dignity, respect and, often, a sense of humor. Because, of course.... they are family.

Here's to the Dogs!


LindaVistaLLC said...

A little sad to think of Petunia off to new adventures, but she did seem tuckered here. It's nice to have this video of her - that and the Iditarod clip.

I loved listening to them sing.


BJ said...

I love the dog tent! You would of thought I was there!