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Monday, May 24, 2010

A Few Summer Photos

Hank will turn two years old this summer.

Dingle contemplates his chewed on nameplate.

Lil' Deb (front) and Olivia (rear) sunbathe in the yard.

Teddy yawns as she stretches out on her house.


kb said...

I love the pictures of the dogs!

I echo the comments made by some of your fans. It was quite a withdrawal from seeing something on almost a daily basis to nothing, but I am glad you all are doing fine. You all needed some r and r.

All of your videos were great. My kids and I really enjoyed them and played them over and over. Your video on the Happy River Steps was EXCELLENT. I am so glad you were able to video this. The year before, I imagined what they were like, wondering why it was so difficult. I even searched the internet for a picture of it. Seeing your video put it all together.

We just got back from visiting your beautiful state. I only wish that we had been close enough to come and see SPKennel. We saw an Iditarod musher at a tourist stop. I didn't go on the ride, but what I saw was just like one of the videos that Mac made of what goes on as the dogs are hooked up. All of the dogs were running around frantic to be chosen to go. Everyone was barking. As soon as the "sled" took off, though, they all just suddenly stopped and laid down.

Please tell Mac that he is missed. I really enjoyed all his contributions to this website.

Have a great summer, and thanks in advance for any and all of your posts.

Linda said...

The snows finally gone! What do the dogs think? Are they happy with the warmer weather?

Thanks for the updates!

Barbara said...

Hey SP Kennel- Glad to see you are back on line again-Missed all the fun updates. Take Care B Moore

Sue said...

Those pictures made my day! Your dogs always make me smile - hope you have a wonderful summer!

Emily said...

Yay! Glad to see all the dogs are enjoying their time off!
Thanks for the update :)

Anonymous said...

It is June 1st and we've just had the first snowfall on the hills at the end of our road and we have been thinking of you in the sunshine. We think Chica, Quito, Happy and all the other dogs would like to be here in NZ in the snow with us, even if all the people of SP Kennel are enjoying the sun.
Love from Chloe and Corren

Lynn said...

Not used to seeing the dogs look so lazy in the sunshine!! We so enjoy hearing about them that I have a few questions...Have any dogs "retired" lately? Are you expecting any new puppies? How are the "S" litter and tennis boy pups?