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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Last Pre-Iditarod Training Run

Ride along with Aliy as she narrates the last Pre-Iditarod training run of the season.

Speaking personally, I think this may be her best video of the season, and it certainly heightens my anticipation of the kind of video we hope Aliy will be able to bring you from the Iditarod Trail!

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Lisa said...

Before even more chaos surrounding the packing up and travel consume every waking moment of SPK, I just wanted to wish Aliy and Allen good luck for a safe, fun and successful Iditarod.

May there be no blizzards, broken sleds, stomach parasites, or soaking wet boots in either of your futures.

Mac, I'm sure I speak for all the fans when I say we'll all be glued to the Dog Log ready to enjoy every bit of news, photos, and videos you are able to bring to us. We'll try to exercise some patience.

By the way - very nice "married musher" article on the Feb 27 ADN.com site. I really enjoyed it.

KB said...

What amazing athletes!
3 hours before they get a "tinkle break," they stop for about a minute or so, and they are impatient to get back to the job of running.

andrea gilson said...

Great clip. Rosco and I want to wish you both a fun, healthy and great race this weekend. I would like to tell you Rosco wishes he could be there but then he would have to get off of his beloved sofa and go out in the cold and snow which is not his bag, he's retired ya know (he he). Be safe and Godspeed, Andrea and Rosco Gilson

Anonymous said...

I wish the best for all of the team members of SP Kennel as they run the Iditarod.
I may not be there in person, but rest assured, I'll be there in spirit.
Have a safe and happy 1,000 mile run!

Dustyllr said...

Awesome video. I enjoy listening to Aliy's commentary. She does a great job explaining to us what we are watching.

Best of luck to both teams on their journey. You can be certain that we will join you both in sleep deprivation following the teams on the tracker, watching updates, and anxiously awaiting any news!

Thanks again for the excellent example set and sharing your trail experiences with us!

LindaVistaLLC said...


Happiness, happiness, happiness
Happiness, happiness, happiness.

I look forward to your post of the final roster for the Red and Black team.

Deb said...

Great video. To Aliy and Allen and all the dogs of both Red and Black teams... good luck and have a great race. Hunter and I will be watching on line just like everyone else until it is time for us to leave for Nome where we will see you all at the finish line in person. Deb in Ketchikan.

michelle j said...

Hi Aily, My name is Sarah J. and I am in the 4th Grade at St. Mary's in David City Ne. We are following the Iditarod as a class and I picked you to be my musher. Good Luck! my mom found your web site, so i can follow you there.

Laura said...

Best for all of the team members of SP Kennel as they run the Iditarod.

jplife said...

Well the video is awesome and I thank you for such details of you kennels and the way you are with your dogs.Have a fun time on the trail and good luck and prayers in the Iditarod to you both.