Iditarod 2010: Virtual IditaRider

I've got an hour and forty-five minutes of video from Aliy's on-board camera during the Ceremonial Start on Saturday. There's some good, interesting footage all throughout it, but it's way too long for this format. Plus, I don't imagine you want to sit through a "feature film" length movie!

So, I've cut it down to give you the last 30 seconds before her actual start and then the first four minutes of the run down 4th Avenue and around "the corner." I think you'll find it's enough to give you an "up close and personal" experience of what it's like to start the Iditarod, and to give you a good sense of the ceremonial run.

Note: If any of you seriously want to watch the whole video, let me know in the comments and I will try to render it out and stream it from somewhere on my server. I'll be happy to give it a try if you really want it, but please only ask if you are serious about it... Thanks!

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