Iditarod 2010: Video Viewing Tips

You may not know that YouTube does a "progressive" streaming of video. This means that as soon as I've uploaded a video, it is available in a "lo-res" version. After a few minutes, YouTube re-renders it in a higher quality version that is a lot closer to what I've uploaded.

Also, "Aliy Cam" videos are all "wide-screen" which makes them "smaller" in the limited width of the Dog Log's format. If you click to view them on YouTube directly, you will see a significantly larger format AND have the option to view it in what they call "480p" which is as good as you're going to get.

So… I'm not suggesting -- or deluding myself! -- that you "wait" to view these videos, but you might want to return to them after a while and watch the better/bigger versions… Okay?