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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Iditarod 2010: Tuesday Night Wrap-Up

The Red Team is clearly on a roll. After a six hour rest in Nikolai, they made another great run to McGrath and continued on to Takotna. This is all exactly according to their race plan, and the Team remains in solid position.

The Black Team also appears to be on a tear, setting a blistering pace from Rainy Pass to Rohn, then continuing -- at least according to the GPS -- to and through Nikolai.

There seem to be some problems with a few of the GPS trackers, and some missing updates to the current standings. I don't have any additional "inside" information at this time, but we hope to hear something from the Teams in Takotna tomorrow.

So, let's hope things sort out a bit over night and follow along in the morning!


AR Travis said...

Thanks for the updates and the efforts!

KB said...

I hope you are able to capture Allen entering McGraph on their webcam. It's 12:03 PST. Any minute now...