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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Iditarod 2010: Tuesday Morning Update

Aliy is out of Rohn and on her way to Nikolai with 15 dogs of the Red Team. I do not know which dog she dropped in Rohn. According to a text message I just received from Bridgett, Aliy is ahead of her "race plan" and doing very well.

Allen's Black Team is also out of Rohn and -- again according to Bridgett -- is right on his plan. He has dropped two dogs, only one of which I know to be Olivia who has a sore shoulder.

I am still in Anchorage after a day/night of snow, and now plan to drive back to Fairbanks tomorrow. I will try to pick up Olivia -- plus any of the other dropped dogs who have made their way back here by tomorrow morning -- and drive them back to the Kennel with me.

Later today I plan to edit and post some video from before the start that I think you will find interesting. Almost certainly something you haven't seen before… Stay tuned!


LindaVistaLLC said...

Yeah, Aliy is kickin' some major, uhmm, snow flurries in her wake! Mile 233 and Doing great!

kellross1 said...

I am loving all of your posts! I just got back from Alaska and had the best time getting to know Aliy and Allen. They are such great people and the dogs were amazing! I hope you will continue to update us as I check it all throughout the day! If you talk to Aily tell her Kelly from Miami said hello! I will be cheering them on from here!!!

Anna said...

As a huge fan stuck in New York I'm so happy to see Aily in the very front of the pack - at least for now! Thank you so much for keeping us up to date, and give Happy a big hug from her fans on the East Coast!

Pia said...