Iditarod 2010: Sunday Morning Update

I'm sorry to report that I have nothing to report...

Aliy is cruising her way toward Unalakleet where Bridgett is waiting for her. Allen is on the Yukon approaching Nulato. So, everything looks good and the race is really starting to get exciting!

I am headed to the airport for my flights to Nome, so I will be off-line for the rest of the day. I hope to get something to report when I get there... Hopefully an update from Bridgett in UNK!

You may recall that Aliy has her "new" video camera out on the Trail. Our "plan" to send footage back to me here in Fairbanks has not worked out. Aliy did say she sent a chip, but it did not catch up to me here. It will probably be sitting in the Post Office tomorrow!

Our "back up plan" is for Bridgett to grab whatever Aliy has in UNK and bring it to me in Nome. So, I'm still hopeful that we will be able to share something with you before the race is over. We will certainly post tons of it after the race to help with what I think one of you called "Iditawithdrawal."

Go Teams!... Stay tuned!