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Monday, March 8, 2010

Iditarod 2010: Pre-Race -- Part 3

In Part 3, we pick up when the SP Kennel Red Team is hooked up and waiting its turn to begin the staging process. The Team roster was in flux right up to the last minute, so this also gives us our first chance to meet the final team. Then, we follow them through the staging area and right up to the point where the earlier "Official Start" video begins.

Then, there's a pretty quick transition to the point after I had hustled back to meet the Black Team on its way through staging. Again, I am able to give you a quick "meet the final team" before leaving them in the on deck position.

With that, our pre-race coverage is complete. If you want to go back and watch it all in chronological order, the sequence is Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3 -- Official Starts.

Now, I will review the final line-ups, compare them to the originals we showed you in the Howler last week and try to sort out who, which, why, etc… Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

awesome, mac!
certainly the dogs :o)
but this video brings over a lot of the atmosphere.
knowing the dogs and seeing them shortly before a race so closely...

akphotograph.com said...

I have some photos of Aliy on my blog:
Iditarod Link
I will send you all I have if you want them.


Anonymous said...

that is really great to look at the videos in reverse order now.
do you think about making a CD of those videos so that one is able to watch them in the right order? :o)

amazing to watch ChaCha barking and still having power to run ...

imagine, people would show their anticipation in the same way in the olympics :o)
like her t-shirt ...
remember last year happy was wearing it?

LindaVistaLLC said...

There was a tender moment when Bridget gave some final love to Butter and Spicy that brought a lump to my throat. That the dogs are cherished is so clear - they open their faces to the love and accept it with the same gratitude and contentment I see in my own dogs.

Macgellan said...

Making a CD: Honestly, I cringe at the thought... Everything is available on the Dog Log and/or YouTube... mastering a CD -- or, worse, a DVD -- would be another hundred hours of work without pay.

Yes, Happy wore that shirt last year... Dog "sisters" are happy to share the same closet!

Tender moments: I admit I took some "personal time" to hug and talk to every dog. I can't put into words how emotional it is for me -- for all of us -- to send the dogs down the trail. It is especially hard for Bridgett, the "doggiest" of us all.