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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Iditarod 2010: Late Sunday Night

Stormy, JJ and I made it to Nome! We had to go by way of Anchorage and Kotzebue, of course, but we made it. The dogs are now out back of Bridgett's house, catching up with Hank, Lester, Kipper and Scout who came up with her on previous trips. Tig, Girlfriend and Rembo are all here as well, so it's quite a dog reunion!

I've got just enough energy left to copy/past an email I got from Bridgett in Unk after her visit with Aliy, along with a few photos that she and Scotty somehow got the internet there to send. I've read and posted your comments, thanks for all the links. I'll try to catch up tomorrow morning.

Now, Bridgett's message:

Pics at Unk: Cha, Bullet, Tony and Rose resting behind straw. Wind was fierce!!!!! Next Meg and Dingle. Aliy booting before she left. Last my favorite.... TRULY dogs first! She skipped her own rest at Ruby and used the time to sew her own extra socks to make leggings to keep ice balls off the dogs underside of their wrists! The ice acculates, freezes to hair, and then pulls hair off leaving an exposed "chicken leg" area. This has been a universal problem for all mushers due to the weather this year. She improvised and made it work. Great idea from Dan Kaduce now being used by lots of mushers!


ChaCha's fan said...

the leggings are cool!
looks actually really great on the dog :o)
bridget, thanks for the great reports.

all the best to you all!

Julie said...

Great photos on ADN of Aliy and team coming into Unalakleet.
Going strong, looking great!!!

Julie said...

Is that Bridgett in front of photo of D.Seavey's team coming into
Unk? black N Outfitters jacket,
SP logo?

Macgellan said...

Those are indeed some good photos on ADN! Yes, I'm pretty sure that is Bridgett in the photo.

"Too many dogs" -- sorry bout the confusion... None of the dogs here in Nome are dropped dogs from Iditarod... They are all "spares" brought up from the Kennel for the mushing trips going out of here in the next month...

I do not know who Aliy dropped in Shak...

Auntie Em said...

Dogs look great in their leggings. I hope they appreciate all the loving attention they get from Aliy. They may not be the first team into Nome, but they may be the most stylish!