Iditarod 2010: Final Black Team Roster

Thus, the substitutions are as follows:

Oddball is in for Nacho who moved up to the Red Team. This is a pretty even trade of power/speed, and adds experience to the team. Honda is in for his sister Malibu whose early-season wrist issues flared up again last week. Honda is bigger and stronger than Malibu, but does not have her leadership potential.

Roy is in for Happy who showed signs of minor soreness at the end of the last long training run. Although Happy is a late-scratch due to the Kennel's "100% fit and healthy" requirement for running the Iditarod, our "Happy Girl" was allowed to join the Red Team for the short ceremonial start run. According to Aliy, "We can't let her run the Iditarod, but we wanted to at least let her run in front of all her fans in the ceremonial start!"

I'm sure many of you are as disappointed as I am that we won't see Happy in Nome again this year. Happy doesn't know unhappiness, of course, but I plan to pretend she does and keep her as my "pet dog" for a few days when I get back to the Kennel!