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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Iditarod 2010: Aliy Zirkle's SP Kennel Red Team Finish

SP Kennel's Red Team have just finished Iditarod 2010. Aliy Zirkle and eight fantastic dogs -- Dingle, Rose, Bullet, Skittles, Tony, Nutmeg, Biscuit & Tatfish -- crossed under Nome's famous burled Arch in 16th position after only 9 days, 18 hours. This was Aliy's fastest time ever in her ten consecutive Iditarod finishes!

Everyone on the Team -- canine and human -- has had a big hot meal and is tucked in for a good sleep. We'll follow up with them all very soon… Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this great video. The Insider video of everyone but the top 3 is short and not very satisfying. I'm thrilled to see Aliy coming down the street, even if the dogs are a little distracted. I wait for the women to come in - then the race is over for me. Congratulations on a fast and excellent run. I loved all your videos and commentary - I learned so much about the trail that way. You are providing a terrific service to future mushers, fans, and kids all around the globe. I'll be supporting you and cheering you on in future years too. Way to go Aliy!
Eileen in Maryland

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! A hug for Aliy and weeeeet kisses on their noses to all this fantastic dogs
Maika Germany

Pia said...

CONCRATS ALIY and DOGGIES!!!!! Welcome to Nome home. VERY WELL DONE.

Mel Bowman said...


Anonymous said...

Great to see you at finish line,Aliy and dogs! yea, Bullet!!
(and all others , of course )
great race and great coverage from SPKennel.

MBB said...

Congrats Aliy!!
Wow, how's Cha?
Bullet must be just about invincible...
Thinking of you all.
Great job Dingle, Rose & all the other SP Kennel Dogs.
Look forward to Allen's smooth finish.
Thanks for all the footage Mac.

Kelly said...

I am sooooo very happy for Aliy and her team! What a great accomplishment!

sarsmile said...

Congratulations to Aliy and the whole gang!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Aliy and the Red Team - what happened to Cha Cha? Is she OK???

Anonymous said...

Aliy I you were AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
i had to do a school report on you and, i just love how you have the videos and i hopre i did good on it ! THANKS for a great race to success!
Frank Long elementry 5th grade

Anonymous said...

Great Race Aliy. Loved the short video Mac. It is obvious you take extraspecial care of your dogs. Dingle was looking fabulous.


Anonymous said...


Auntie Em said...

Good job, Aliy, Dingle, Rose, Bullet, Skittles, Tony, Nutmeg, Biscuit, and Tatfish! What an accomplishment! No Cha Cha? I hope she didn't mind being left behind.

I've been looking forward to this video since I watched Aliy arrive in Nome on the BSSD camera. I was cheering the team on while sititng in front of my computer monitor, but your video is sooo much better. Loved how the dogs perked up and picked up the pace when you called out to them.

Thanks for recording this for all of us to enjoy.

ChaCha's fan said...

congratulations Aliy!
congratulations dogs!

MacG: thanks again for the great reporting :o)
your knowing of the dogs and bringing this into the videos makes them even better.

Fascinating: quiet rose & quiet bullet, those tough little gals, tough to the end!
and: biscuit & tatfish the two wild ones that were hooked up last ... still looking like two strong guys :o)

devorah said...

Great race Aliy! Loved the video from the aliycam. Wonderful for those of us with iditarod fantasies. Thanks so much for that.

Alaskan Hellcat said...

So wonderful to follow you from Willow to Nome. Thanks for taking us on the journey with you. You're tops! I look forward to supporting and watching your teams in the years to come.



Anonymous said...

Congrat's on a wonderful finish!
You and your wonderful team (dogs, handlers and blog master) have educated all of us on the efforts required to run this wonderful race.
I can see and hear why you love to do what you do and why.
Aliy: You are an amazing woman that I admire and respect.
Thank you for sharing a part of your life with us all.
Hugs to you and your team!!!

teckel said...

Thanks, Aliy for shooting some great video on the trail. Thanks, too, to Mac for editing and shooting as well. Great job Red Team! Great job all around.