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Friday, March 19, 2010

Iditarod 2010: "Aliy Cam" Rainy Pass Checkpoint

At first I was tempted to apologize for all the snow on the camera lens -- Aliy actually does apologize! -- but then I realized it gives you an even better sense of what the conditions were like. I also intended to use this episode of "Aliy Cam" simply to show you what it's like to "pull in to stay" at a checkpoint, as a contrast to the last video of "passing through" Finger Lake.

As I edited it, though, I realized this video is so much more. Previous episodes have shown you many facets of what it's like to be out on the Trail, but this one really shows you what it's like at the checkpoints. Well beyond the arriving, checking in and parking processes, it shows you how the dogs know exactly what's going on and get right into their "rest antics" of rolling in the snow and settling down. You also get to see how the volunteer race veterinarians are immediately on the scene, checking the "vet book" then getting right to their business of caring for the dogs.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mac - I honestly believe that Iditarod should be paying you - The amount of GREAT coverage you are bringing us is phenomenal!!! Thanks so much!!!!

Kelly said...

The "Insider" has nothing on you! The videos have been amazing! I feel like I'm right there with Aliy and the pups except I'm not freezing my booty off! I love the pup in the back on the left with the floppy ears, that cracks me up! I have been checking the website like crazy since the beginning and all the posts you have given us really are wonderful! I hope Aliy, Allen and the pups know how much their fans care! Hope we get to read some more scoop soon!

Emily said...

Well I personally think you have the most "real life" coverage out there - video clips on what the trails are actually like for the mushers, etc. It has been amazing actually seeing parts of the Iditarod trail. Definitely more interesting for those of us who would love to be there too!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't I just! Why would I pay for "Insider" access when Aliy's videos are true Insider coverage! When I watch these videos that you and Aliy put up I feel like I get a little private peek at what it's really like out there. I hope you know how much I appreciate the effort you put into doing this! Thanks! Sindy

Anonymous said...

Your coverage is SO MUCH better and more informative than what we get on that "insider" fluf.
BTW, do we ever get to see YOU on any of these videos? All we ever see is a hand now and then, or a shadow and a voice over.. How about starring in a vid yourself once in a while?

River Bluff said...

Hi Mac, Your coverage this year is even better than last year (and last year was incredible)! It was amazing to have the footage from the Iditarod Trail! There were so many aspects of the race that we only hear about and this year we got to be in the driver's seat! I can't even begin to tell you how much I appreciate what you all did to bring this coverage to us. I am already having withdrawals knowing that in a few more days, the dog log will be relatively silent and we'll have to wait until next Fall to follow along!

So happy everyone and dogs are united and doing well! Congratulations all!

L said...

The Iditarod has become MY March Madness. Thanks to every member of SP Kennel (2- and 4-legged) for allowing us into your world.

Just when I think the videos can't possibly get better, Mac, you deliver a whole 'nother level of awesomeness.

Glad everyone is healthy and well following this year's great adventure.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mac and Aliy for all the great video coverage! The Insider coverage this year was not up to previous years standards in my opinion. Dave in NC

ChaCha's fan said...

Hi MacG!

I think riverbluff is right. your reports were great last year, and they got better this year :o)

I do not see any competitive situation.
the insider has a very different mission than the spkennel reports.
however, you guys have discovered a niche for reporting about the iditarod from a different, unique point of view....

if you move on with this idea and focus on that "competition" you may spoil what you have actually achieved with this type of reporting....

kathygramann said...

My daughter and I have been loving the videos! Gives us a taste of what it looks like from your perspective...THANK YOU!!! Are you at all thinking about compiling them on a DVD and selling them?

Glad both teams made it to Nome safe and sound,
Kag & Hg

Anonymous said...


Riverbluff and Cha Cha fan are right, and I agree - your work on the website for Aliy and SP Kennel is super and a great complement to ADN's work! As well as "Insider" footage.

To have Aliy's bravery and terrific timing and instincts for getting the picture/story/comments out is so special...and your quick edit and turnaround is unbelievable!!!

Lucy T said...

Mac - What was Aliy giving the dogs when she arrived at this CP? Some sort of supplement? Ulcer meds?