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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Iditarod 2010: "Aliy Cam" Official Start

The first chip from Aliy's camera did arrive back in Two Rivers the morning after I left, but Kaz just brought it with her to Nome so I've at least got it now. A quick scan was all it took to see that you've got some incredible footage coming your way, including an astonishing ride down the Happy River Steps!

Right now, though, as we prepare for Aliy's arrival in Nome this morning, I thought it might be fun to post a flashback to ten days ago when she made her "Official Start" of Iditarod 2010. This video picks up as her team approaches the starting line then gives you a pretty good selection of footage over the first few miles. I think you will be amazed at the speed and power of her 16 dog team from this onboard view!

I will film Aliy's finish this morning and post it as soon as possible. If by chance she is filming as she comes down Front Street to the finish line, I will certainly share that as well! Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Great stuff! It's amazing how far out of Willow people are lined up to watch. Thanks for taking us along!

Anonymous said...

This is a 'virtual' YEA, ALIY AND DOGS!!! from all of us out here as she crosses the finish line in Nome today!! YEA, BULLET AND CHA!!
and all the team.

I'm sure all of the viewers here are joining me. And thank you for the amazing coverage, all of you!

Huskymom said...

Awesome to see this from the sled view. Saw the spot where I stood to watch in 2008--great memories. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for all these amazing videos all season long & your hard work on getting the Iditarod ones up so fast! Two of my previously non-mushing fan friends are now quickly becoming converts thanks in large part to all of your excellent videos. Good luck Aliy & Allen, I can't wait to see you both in Nome!

KB said...


Please tell Aliy congratulations from all her fans. I know she gained even more fans this season as many people viewed her videos for the first time. I have referred many to watch the present and past videos. Everyone has been impressed.

These videos do SO much for our enjoyment of the Iditarod. I've learned a lot from the videos you have filmed all year long.

I am so happy that Aliy got video of the infamous Happy River Steps. I've searched the web to get an understanding of just what the mushers have to go through, but there is nothing that really adequately shows it. I look forward to this upcoming segment.

Do you think that after you have posted everything that you can give a list of how the videos should be viewed if we want to see them in order from start to finish?

Again, many thanks.
SPKennel can count on my becoming a member of the team as a token of my thanks.

Emily said...

Great view! I think the videos Aliy has gotten this Iditarod are truly incredible. It was funny to watch this video after all the others, because the dogs are just going so much faster! Just fun to see how excited they were at the start too!

Tom said...

I am truly amazed at the quality and stability of all the videos Aliy and the team have provided. I can't wait to see Aliy, Allen and "family" in Nome.

Anonymous said...

Upon the directions of my mother, who is a Nome resident, I visited this blog and really enjoyed the info and the footage. I am a high school Geography teacher and am going to share this site with my students as we have talked in the past about the various sports that different climates and cultures emphasize. It's sunny and 70 degrees here in Sacramento! We send warm wishes, many thanks for the site, and much luck to the racing teams at SP Kennels!

Auntie Em said...

Watched Aliy arrive in Nome on the Nome webcam, but, of course, couldn't really see much. Still, it was exciting to see her cross the finish line live. I'm really looking forward to seeing your video of her arrival in Nome and the chance to get a closeup view of the dogs who got her there.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying this video and all the others you've posted so far---watched them all more than once.

Anonymous said...

Mac, are the dogs always more excited for a race? I know they don't know the concept of "race," but do you think they know that this isn't an ordinary run?

Kelly said...

Awesome video! It's amazing that she and the dogs kept the excitememnt and enthusiasm up throughout the whole race. You can really see the love between musher and dog...now get some rest!!!

Sue said...

SP Kennels has the best website of ALL! Keep up the good work. My heart is with the SP Kennel teams every race they run. It's great to see them from Aliy's view. Please make a CD of the footage from this year and sell it on the website!