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Sunday, February 14, 2010

DD: Paxson Checkpoint -- Part 5

Part 5 -- the finale of this series -- picks up after Allen and Bridgett have had about 30 minutes to eat and "rest" before returning to the dogs to do the departure process: Feed, bootie, etc.

During this time, the SP Kennel Red Team arrived in Paxson to begin its checkpoint routine. It was pretty dark by then, but I'm able -- with some pretty heavy video adjustment -- to bring you a few scenes of the Teams waving to each other as they pass at the checkpoint, the Black Team lining up and "waiting" to leave, as well as their start back down the trail.

The next time we see them they are in a sprint race to the finish line!

That just about does it for my coverage of the Denali Doubles Race, and for my energy for the day. Tomorrow I will start editing and posting video that Aliy and Bridgett shot out on the trail with their teams… Stay tuned!


Pia said...

Concrats to the teams! And thank you for ALL the great footage. I feel like I was almost there.

Libby the Lab said...

Thanks for all the videos. Looking forward to the shoots on the trail from the new camera on Aliy's sled

Heather said...

This site gives the best information about dog sledding.

Here's one question to consider tackling (as we watch the amazing race for the Yukon Quest top slots) -- do Aliye and Allen expect to see as much speed on the Iditarod or is the Quest just the best teams taking advantage of unusually good conditions?

Anonymous said...

Happy looked very cute when she was doing her 'Happy' Dance. It seems like she always has the energy to do a 'Happy' dance. Happy sure does love her food, just like me!
from Chloe
Tatfish was really cute when he was rolling in his straw. Quito was very sweet when she did a shuffle dance with her feet when she was waiting for her straw. Maybe that's Quito's version of the 'Happy' dance. Thank you for showing her.
from Indigo

Macgellan said...

Heather -- The Quest was incredibly fast this year. The trail was great and the teams really got after it. We have no idea what conditions will be like on the Iditarod Trail, and anything is possible. Keep in mind that the weather can have at least as big an impact on speed as trail conditions. Having everyone -- or almost everyone -- stuck in a blizzard for two days is a real wild card for speed!