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Sunday, February 14, 2010

DD: Paxson Checkpoint -- Part 1

During the Denali Doubles race, we were able to bring you chronological -- if not quite contemporaneous -- coverage of the SP Kennel Teams' drive and arrive, starts, arrival in Paxson and finishes. Those were pretty much the "highlights" that we could cover and we're glad you enjoyed them.

Now we have the opportunity to go back and bring you more "in depth" coverage. This will consist of my own coverage, plus on-board camera videos from Aliy on the Red Team and Bridgett on the Black Team.

The only checkpoint that I could get to was Paxson, and I got some really good footage that I am editing into a little mini-series. Part 1 is a survey of the checkpoint before the Teams arrived, with some real "insider" views and information.

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Mrs. Lepper said...

Absolutely fantastic footage on all of these - thanks!