DD: "Aliy Cam" -- Passing

It's a little overwhelming, sifting through 2.5+ hours of "Aliy Cam" footage, looking for clips, scenes and themes to share with you. One that stood right out, however, is passing on the race trail. It's also a good example of why we think the new camera and mount are so great: They let Aliy film "hand free" when she needs both hands to mush, and thus give you some real "insider" views you wouldn't otherwise get.

I've picked out two clips of each kind of pass: Being passed from behind, passing a team going in the opposite direction and passing a team ahead. I've also selected clips that show what it looks like when it works well, and when it doesn't work quite so well.

One of our goals for the DD was to really put the new camera rig to the test in preparation for Aliy's filming on Iditarod. See if this doesn't get you a little excited for what that will be like!

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