DD: Acceleration, Deceleration

In addition to accelerating my race plan in order to stay ahead of the Black Team's finish, I have made a further acceleration this evening: I abandoned my plan to stay down in Cantwell until tomorrow and drove back to my home HQ here in Two Rivers.

The reason, simply, is that although I was able to get enough internet in Cantwell to make a couple of posts during the race, the facilities were inconvenient and unreliable enough that I feared not being able to sufficiently follow-up with postings from there tomorrow. Not getting back here until tomorrow night would mean further delay for both you and me, and I've got so much media downloaded that I really need/want to "get after it!"

So, after filming the Red Team's finish, packing up the trucks and going out for a sit-down dinner together, I loaded four dogs -- Bullet, JJ, Kipper and Roy for no reason other than pure convenience -- into the crates in the back of my truck and took off.

The dogs are now in their houses at the Kennel, Stella is back here sleeping on "her" bed and I'm feeling serious deceleration. I think I've got just enough energy left to post a quick video about the Red Team's finish, then I'll hit the rack and start catching up tomorrow.

If you're still up, give me a few minutes to post the video!