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Friday, February 19, 2010

Aliy Talks About… Dog Booties

As promised, we've been keeping track of all the questions you have asked in the comments and via emails, compiling them into topics and making lists of "talking points" for Aliy.

As we gear up for Iditarod, we figured it's an especially good time to "get after" them, so we are firing up our "Aliy Talks About…" series. With Aliy's new onboard camera set-up, we're moving away from the audio-only format we used last season and going with full audio/video.

The advantages of this are that Aliy can record them while she is out on a sled (which is almost all the time) and not have to find extra time to record audio. Plus, you will get to see what's going on, or at least enjoy "background" video of dogs on the run. On the downside, there can be some background noise which makes Aliy's audio narration a little harder to hear. We hope you will find the pros and cons of this video format worthwhile.

Here is "Aliy Talks About… Dog Booties":


Lisa said...

Hi Mac,

I could hear Aliy just fine. I like the format, especially if it saves her time and allows her to multitask in these hectic 2 weeks leading up to Iditarod. Can't wait to see footage from the race.

I appreciate your inventiveness in creating the camera rig on the sled and the overall dedication everyone up there has for bringing us superior coverage.

Heather said...

Very nice format, the dogs are so wonderful to watch.

Here's another question. Any chance of having Aliy talk about "neck lines." So many of the teams on the Yukon Quest had lines on both the neck and to the harness (the dogs are attached twice).

And in one case (that I saw) they were talking about "switching to the neck lines" to slow down or give more control when going down a big hill.

Thank you again for putting in all the effort to educate us all.


Macgellan said...

Heather -- Actually, I think Allen pretty much covers the whole neck lines vs. not in this video:


That, plus this video will probably cover it for you:


Both available when searching the Dog Log for "harness"...

In brief, neck lines can be useful for controlling the dogs and helping them pull harder... BUT they also limit their mobility and can hurt them... SPK uses only Man-Mat "half harnesses" when racing... Full harnesses are used sometimes for "cargo hauling" on adventure trips...

Heather said...

Thank you

Dustyllr said...

Great video as always! I noticed that the dogs were able to multi-task very well by reaching down to scoop snow while running. How often do they do this? I've never noticed it during the races, but of course most in most of the other videos, they have seen the videographer. Now I am very curious!

Anonymous said...

What kind of ointment does the SP Kennel use on the dogs feet when it is necessary? Thanks for your reply, Dave in NC

Macgellan said...

From Aliy re. pink foot ointment:

Has aloe vera, zinc oxide, triple antibiotics - keeps feet moist instead of drying out. Buy it from local vet.

Linda said...

Wonderful coverage from the trail! Thanks!