Sunday, January 10, 2010

CB300: Overnight/Morning Update

Good morning! I was just heading out the door when I got this update from Scotty -- Bridgett's husband -- after his visit with the teams in Sourdough. I don't know who Aliy's second dropped dog is, but I will find out as soon as possible and let you know. I'm sure you've been watching the updates on the CB300 website and have seen that Allen's speeds/times have been exceptional. Looking at those stats, I can tell you there has also been an overnight change of strategy. I will find out about that as well and report to you as soon as I can. Now I'm hitting the road... Stay tuned!

If you are having trouble with the embedded mp3 player, you can click here to access the mp3 file directly and play it however your computer normally handles mp3 files.

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Pia said...

What's the deal with Allen's time out at Meier's lake???