Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sheep Mountain 150: Race Cancelled!

We've just received an email from which we offer you these excerpts:

I am very sorry to inform you that the race will have to be cancelled due to lack of snow/dangerous conditions. Although there is good snow cover in the area immediately around Sheep Mountain and Eureka Lodges, as soon as you get into the high country it disappears to a dangerously thin level. There is not enough snow to safely support 45 teams around the entire course. After seeing the backcountry trails this weekend, I would not run my dogteam on this course, and would not expect you to either. Snow is not in the immediate forecast.

I snowmachined the entire race course the last 2 days and was surprised so see that most of the snow had blown away. I looked into an abbreviated route/alternate course, but there is nothing nearby that can even get close to 150 miles.

My philosophy for this race is: " provide mushers with a well-marked, safe course for early season distance training and competition." Right now that is not possible. Thank you for your understanding. Good luck with your training and, hopefully, we'll see you next year.

Zack Steer
Race Director, SM 150
As we often say, "It's never easy!" We're all very disappointed that we won't be racing this weekend, but we certainly still have plenty going on! As we also often say around here, "Stay tuned!"

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Frank said...

Big Bummer but safety comes first. I was looking forward to seeing how the teams did in this race. We'll do some snow dances for you!