A "Day With The Dogs" and "Paws For Cures"

By now you are all familiar with a long-time friend of SP Kennel, physiology researcher Dr. Michael Davis from Oklahoma State University. What you probably don't know it that he is president-elect of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine Foundation, or that each year the ACVIM hosts a benefit to find cures for disease and illness in companion animals called "Paws For Cures."

When Dr. Mike called Aliy and Allen this past summer to ask for a donation to the "Paws For Cures" auction, they were happy to help and offered one of our "Day With The Dogs" SP Kennel visit programs. We hear that the bidding was lively, and eventually won by Lynne Warner and Ashley Mullen from San Diego.

So it came to pass that Lynne and Ashley arrived at the Kennel one day last weekend and were treated to an experience they thoroughly enjoyed and will cherish forever. After starting with our customary coffee chat about all things dog-related, we suited them up in proper arctic gear and headed out into the dog yard. First up for our guests was to accomplish the "harnessing and hooking up" process you are all now well-versed in. The hounds went above and beyond their usual "pick me, pick me" antics, which prompted Lynne to say, "They're all so excited, I hate to leave any of them behind!"

With the teams ready to go, Lynne and Ashley headed out for a two-hour run with Aliy and Allen, spending some time in the sleds but also some time mushing. Upon returning to the Kennel, they handled the post-run routine of removing booties and harnesses then wrapped up their immersion in Kennel life with a feeding of the dogs. Their day concluded with another Kennel standard: Moose stew for dinner!

It was great as always to share a day of Kennel life with folks so eager to dive right in and have the full, rich experience. In recognition of their enthusiasm and efforts, we presented Lynne and Ashley with a certificate of appreciation from their dog teams and signed by the bosses. It was also great to help support "Paws For Cures" and we hope you will consider joining us in doing so in the future!