Friday, December 11, 2009

Back On A 4-Wheeler

Aliy shot this video on Monday, the day after hearing that the Sheep Mountain 150 race had been cancelled. As you will hear, the Kennel had a lot of dogs trained up for the race, and they all had to "run it off." But, the same lack of snow that cancelled the race has also made it impossible to run full teams of dogs with sleds around Two Rivers. So, Aliy's back on a 4-wheeler and not too thrilled about it. She does, however, put on a happy face -- and a happy voice! -- and look at the bright side.

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Anonymous said...

I can hear the disappointment in Aliy's voice that she can't be a "part" of the team. That attitude is what makes SP so special. I will pray for snow and wish ours away from here - up to there.