Iditarod 2009: Thursday Wrap-Up

I've got a few more things to post from my time out on the trail, but I'm pretty wiped out so I've declared my own "mandatory 8-hour rest." I'll wrap that all up tomorrow as I get ready to fly ahead to Nome.

At this moment, Aliy is 10th in line on the approach to Iditarod, two places ahead of her starting position out of Ophir. So, she is moving very well, on her plan and right in the thick of it! Allen is just clearing Ophir and heading to Iditarod, so he's doing absolutely great with his crew of kids and kooks! (Seriously, there even more to the story than we've told you so far!)

Bridgett just left me this voicemail about a phone call she had with Allen, and I thought it would be a nice way to wrap up the day. Thanks very much to her, Doug and Mickey for all their help in bringing you news about the SP Kennel teams in Iditarod 2009!

Good night!

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