Friday, March 13, 2009

Iditarod 2009: Friday Wrap-Up

Aliy is running in 12th position on her way to Anvik, the start of the long Yukon River part of the trail. Her team had a lengthy rest during the heat of the day this afternoon, so she's probably in good shape to run through most of tonight. She still has 14 dogs which is also encouraging. Sorry, no word yet on which dog she dropped earlier today.

Allen is cruising right along on his way to Iditarod. He's still got 13 dogs on the line, so the "Kids & Kooks" are doing great! Go "Beemer" and "The Dog I Haven't Told You About Yet"! Seriously, you're going to love the story when I tell you! The B-Team is running very respectably in the middle of the pack at position 37, and I suspect Allen has been conserving their energy so he may have plenty in the tank to start moving up.

The mushers have a mandatory 8-hour rest to be taken somewhere on the Yukon, so it ought to be confusing and exciting to see how that plays out tomorrow. Also confusing and exciting will be my migration to Nome tomorrow. If all goes well I will be there and back online in my next base of operations by late in the day. Stay tuned!

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Mike Frerichs said...

Thanks for these updates. Go Aliy!