Tuesday, January 13, 2009

CB300: Finish

I left Aliy, Allen, Bridgett and Bob in Wolverine at about 11pm and drove back to my headquarters here in Glennallen. Although you will have to wait until I see them again tomorrow before I can record any kind of post-race report, I wanted you to at least see them at the finish. So, I've edited the two clips together in this video.

I didn't do any narration during the footage because I wanted to try to pick up the ambient sounds, dialogue, etc. As it has turned out, I think it does even more than give you the "sounds" of the finish line. I think it gives you a pretty good "feeling" of what it is like to be amongst a few hardy souls, standing on a frozen lake in the middle of the night, to greet mushers who have just finished a 60 hour ordeal.

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