Sheep Mountain 150 Start

They're off!

Allen and Aliy both had nice clean starts at the Sheep Mountain 150 Sled Dog Race!

We arrived at Sheep Mountain Lodge this morning with plenty of time to do careful preparation for the race, but with two 12-dog teams going out only two minutes apart we were hustling pretty fast when the actual start times came.

Allen had a nice clean start with the "A-Team" but we were too busy handling dogs to catch any video. At the last second before Aliy started with the "B-Team", I handed Amy -- a friend of the Kennel who came by to help -- one of my cameras and she grabbed this short but great video of Aliy's start. Thanks, Amy!

There's a lot more to the story, of course -- which I will try to put into a post later today -- but I wanted to make sure you got the most important news right away!

In a little while I will pack up the truck and drive to the checkpoint at Eureka Lake where I will wait for the teams to arrive a few hours from now.

If I can get online there, you know I'll post what I can!

Stay tuned!...

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