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Friday, December 5, 2008

Horizon Lines and SP Kennel

Aliy and Allen just got back from Anchorage where they joined their good friends at Horizon Lines in support of Covenant House, and made a presentation about life with sled dogs. Horizon Lines is a major kennel sponsor, and the teams proudly wear the Horizon Lines logo on just about everything from the team trucks to dog booties and wind jackets.

When I asked Aliy how the trip went she said:
"It was a great visit, and everybody really liked the presentation. It got me thinking that we should make a video that we can send to schools and other places when we can't visit in person. We could start with how we dress the dogs up in their racing clothes!"
So, with many thanks to all the folks at Horizon Lines for being such an important part of the team -- and for helping us look so good on the trail! -- here's a little sample of what we have in mind for the presentation video, a scene called: "Sled Dog Race Wear"

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