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Friday, November 28, 2008

After Breakfast

Aliy and I had just finished feeding the dogs their breakfast, when she started talking about how she looks at the dogs every day and evaluates their condition. I said "Hold that thought..." and got out my camera.

So, here's another brief "behind the scenes" glimpse of kennel life... Plus a little bonus footage of a few of the puppies here at SP Kennel. Enjoy!


Eric said...

This site is fantastic. Loving the view into your world! Couple thoughts... I'd love a video running down the different positions on the team (Swing, Wheel, etc.), I've heard them referred to, but don't have a good idea of where they are on the team and what traits are sought after for each position. Also, Where's the store? Any place to score a T-shirt or sweatshirt? How about a quick piece on how the kennel got it's name?

Eric said...

Also, I recognize that keeping me entertained on your blog is not job number 1, so don't worry about not reacting quickly to that stuff. Just some ideas.

Testarosa-FDL said...

Thanks for the footage of the puppies!!

Here's an idea for more info. (The best format for this info might be text, not necessarily vid.) I'm assuming there's a schedule for breeding, correct? Does SP Kennel own all the bitches and the (I'm blanking for the correct term... "The studs") male breeding dogs?

Does SP Kennel keep all the puppies that are born? If not, how old is the pup(s) before Aliy and Allen make a decision whether to keep and train a particular dog or not? How is this decision made; what do A & A look for in a pup they think will make a good sled dog? What happens to the puppies that aren't chosen to stay and train?

Just some ideas....

Thanks! FDL (Fellow Dog Lover)