Morning Snowfall is Playtime!

We were greeted with over 6 inches of fresh snow this week. This, of course, energizes the mushers and the dogs. All of the dogs.

The puppies are almost 5 months old now. The litter of eight is happy and healthy. They spend time both in the puppy pen and at their own houses. Bubba and Reba are the athletes and are constantly on the puppy wheel. Scruggs and Willie are the food hogs and bullies. Boondocks and Waylon are loud mouths - when they are not barking at each other, they are barking at Fats, who might casually stroll by their pen. Lester and Hank are calm yet playful.

Lester and Hank went for a walk this morning to help check out the snow conditions on the trails. They soon got side tracked in their own puppy game: Snow wrestling.

Everybody has a good time in the SNOW!