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Thursday, March 13, 2008

POST IDITAROD 2008 - 03/13/08, 4:20PM ADST

Some Pictures from the Finishline

Aliy Coming Across Finish Line with ChaCha in lead.

Aliy signing in at Finishline

Aliy, ChaCha, Sammy and Kaz at Finishline


Taylors from TN said...

Congratulations Aliy!

Following you and your team during the race via this blog has been awesome. Thanks to those posting the information.

Ever since your presentation during our Princess Cruisetour last Summer, my family has been waiting to root for you and your team.

Fantastic Job! You are an inspiration. I hope you will write about your experience on your SP Kennel website.

Take care and get some rest!

Mike Frerichs said...

Thanks for the pictures. Our students really enjoyed them. Congratulations to Aliy on a strong race under very difficult conditions. Hope Allen recovers soon. He showed a lot of courage to keep going as long as he did. We look forward to their stories of the race.

Coffee said...

Congratulations Aliy,

I dont know if Kaz or you will remember me or not, but, my name is Dave Mason from Maplewood MO. and I knew you about 15 years ago. I have often wondered what adventures life had given you both, and now I know.

e-mail me back if you like... coffeejunkee_1@hotmail.com

take care,
Dave Mason