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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Iditarod Update - 03/08/08, 1:30 PM AST

A Report from Doug

Aliy's dad, Doug, just called to report from the Ruby checkpoint. He saw Aliy during her 6 hour layover between midnight and 6 AM today. He reported that Aliy looked good and was not allowing the weather to get her down. Her dogs ate well and departed the checkpoint with no problem. She dropped Reeses at Ruby primarily because she had lost her enthusiasm and was not pulling well. Aliy ate a big meal and got about 2 hours of sleep before she headed for Galena.

Doug said that Aliy's strategy will change depending on temperatures. He felt that she would probably stop and rest in Galena if the trip there took over 7 hours.

Doug has had the opportunity to talk with and listen to many racers on the trail. The pervasive theme is the very slow run times on the trail. This warmth is frustrating for both mushers and dogs.

More later.

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Bill said...

Fort Pierce Florida is rooting for you

Hush you Muskies.....( isthat right?)

Keep warm..

Bill BEnton