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Thursday, March 6, 2008

IDITAROD 2008 - 03/06/08, 10:00AM AST

Aliy in Cripple

Aliy’s GPS tracker is back on. For a short time yesterday, it was not functioning. It had her at Takotna when she had already checked out of Ophir. Although the Iditarod Website is still showing her on the trail, right now the GPS is showing her sitting with Ed Iten in Cripple doing 0 mph. We expect that she will be staying in Cripple to do her 24 hour mandatory rest. Iten’s GPS is showing 19 degrees, but Aliy’s is showing 35. Hopefully, Iten’s is correct. These high temperatures are just not what our dogs are used to.

Aliy dropped one dog in Ophir. We don’t have any information yet about who it was. All the dogs from that checkpoint will need to go to McGrath before heading into Anchorage. There is no phone in Cripple so we will not be hearing from Aliy during her 24 hour. The next possibility to hear from her will be if she stops in Ruby.

We are very excited about the race she is having so far. With doing her 24 hour stop this far along the trail and her still having 15 dogs, she must be pleased at how her team is looking.

As for how the race is shaping up, the leaders who stopped earlier on to do their mandatory 24 are beginning to move again. Over the next 24 hours, we will start to get a picture of where everyone really is.

The 24 hour stop is where the time differential from the start is equalized. Aliy’s 24 hour layover will be close to 26 hours and 40 minutes due to her great starting position.

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Mike Frerichs said...

Thank you so much for these posts. Everyone in our school is following Aliy's GPS, and we were wondering why the GPS was showing her in the wrong place. It does look like Aliy is having a great race and her team should be well rested for the run on the Yukon River.